3. NRW Topology Meeting

Bochum (Germany)

April 2005, Friday 15th and Saturday 16th

As can be seen from the dates, the meeting is over. But, in case someone wants to bring back memories, here are a couple of photos, most of them taken by Diarmuid Crowley.

Schedule of talks

11:00 Wolfgang Lük Rational Computations of the topological K-theory of classifiyng spaces of groups
12:00 Julia Weber The universal functorial equivariant Lefschetz invariant
14:30 Thomas Schick Topologische T-Dualitaet fuer Torusbuendel
15:30 Markus Banagl Computing Twisted L-classes of Non-Witt Spaces
Coffee and Tea
17:00 Diarmuid Crowley The mathematics of Desmond Sheiham: a short summary
17:30 Stefan Bauer Die Monopolgleichung und stabile Homotopietheorie
09:00 Ian Hambleton Multiplicativity mod 4 of signatures in fibre bundles
10:00 Benjamin Himpel The Casson Invariant for Homology 3-Spheres and SU(3) generalizations
Coffee and Tea
11:30 Bjön Schuster Calculating Morava K-theory of classifying spaces
12:30 Andrew Baker Some calculations for connective Adams $K$-theory

18:04:2005 | Markus Szymik