17th NRW Topology Meeting

Münster (GERMANY)

Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5, 2012

All talks take place at lecture hall M5, Mathematisches Institut, Westfälische Wilhelms- Universität Münster, Einsteinstraße 62, 48149 Münster.

Schedule of talks

Friday, May 4

11.00 - 11.50

Marcus Zibowius
Witt rings of flag varieties
12.00 - 12.50

Henrik Rüping
The Farrell-Jones conjecture for the general linear group
over certain rings

Lunch break
14.30 - 15.20

Pokman Cheung
A geometric description of the Witten genus

Tea/Coffee break
16.00 - 16.50

Oscar Randal-Williams
Homological stability for moduli spaces of manifolds
17.00 - 17.50

Søren Galatius
Stable homology of moduli spaces of manifolds
Saturday, May 5
10.00 - 10.50

Ulrich Pennig
Twisted 2-vector bundles

Tea/Coffee break
11.20 - 12.10

Raphael Zentner
From representation spaces to quantum invariants of graphs
12.20 - 13.10

Urs Schreiber
Principal infinity-bundles -- models and applications

There is no formal registration, but please send an email to mandy.beier at uni-muenster.de that we can estimate the number of participants; please indicate whether you want to join us for dinner at 7pm on Friday, May the 4th. The dinner will take place at Restaurant A2 am See, Annette-Allee 3, 48149 Münster.

Here is a list of previous NRW-Topology meetings.