Benjamin Böhme

Address Mathematisches Institut
Universität Bonn
Endenicher Allee 60
53115 Bonn
Phone +49-(0)228-73-3306
Email boehme (add ''at''
Office Endenicher Allee 60, Room 4.006

About me /Research Interests

I am a postdoc in Stefan Schwede's Arbeitsgruppe in the Topology Group at the University of Bonn.
Curriculum vitae (pdf, updated March 2019)

My main mathematical interests lie in unstable and stable equivariant homotopy theory, their relationship, and the interplay with additional algebraic structure such as ring or module structures. Moreover, I am interested in the theory of finite groups and compact Lie groups, their representation theory, tensor-triangulated geometry, and equivariant structures in commutative algebra (e.g. Mackey and Tambara functors).


In the summer semester 2019, Stefan Schwede and I will jointly offer the following courses: the lecture course Algebraic Topology II and the graduate seminar Steenrod operations and homotopy groups of spheres.

In the winter semester 2018/19, I am the assistent for Algebraic Topology I and Linearität in Algebra und Analysis.

Preprints and publications

Idempotent characters and equivariantly multiplicative splittings of K-theory
Submitted. Preprint available as arXiv:1808.09832.

Multiplicativity of the idempotent splitting of the Burnside ring and the G-sphere spectrum
Advances in Mathematics 347 (2019), 904-939 (pdf)
DOI: 10.1016/j.aim.2019.03.008

Global model structures for *-modules
Homology Homotopy Appl. 21 (2019), no. 2, 213-230 (pdf)
DOI: 10.4310/HHA.2019.v21.n2.a12


Equivariant multiplications and idempotent splittings of G-spectra
Ph.D. Thesis (pdf)
University of Copenhagen, August 2018

Global model structures for *-modules
Master's Thesis (pdf)
Universität Bonn, March 2015

Adams-Operationen und Existenz von reellen Divisionsalgebren
Bachelor's Thesis (in German), available upon request.
Ruhr-Universität Bochum, February 2013