Rosanna Laking

Endenicher Allee 60
53115 Bonn
E-mail: laking [ at ]

I am currently a Postdoc at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Bonn.

I am a member of the working group of Professor Jan Schröer which is part of the Algebra and Representation Theory group.

Between 2012 and 2016 I completed my PhD at the University of Manchester under the supervision of Professor Mike Prest.

Research Interests

  • Model theory of modules and functor categories
  • Representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras
  • String algebras

Publications and preprints

  1. Krull-Gabriel dimension of domestic string algebras
    This is joint with Mike Prest and Gena Puninski.

  2. Morphisms between indecomposable objects in the derived category of a gentle algebra, Journal of Algebra 467 (2016) 1--46
    This is joint with Kristin Krogh Arnesen and David Pauksztello.

  3. The Ziegler spectrum for derived-discrete algebras
    This is joint with Kristin Krogh Arnesen, David Pauksztello and Mike Prest.